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Third Generation Wolf Rlysk/Alaskan Malamute

Mother: Rebel, a second generation Wolf Rlysk. She's simply beautiful, with black fur, a white muzzle and amazing teal eyes. She was removed from a Wolf Rlysk breeding programme, because of her tail! I've never seen anything like it. Rebel looks like a pure Great Dane, yet she's definately a Wolf. That's why she's such a Rebel... Her parents are ShadowNight and Alaska, my first (and favourite) pair of Wolves.

Father: Balto, a first generation Alaskan Malamute. I think he's simply beautiful, I love his coat, especially his foofy tail. All Ember's siblings (he's the first puppy to both parents) have taken Balto's amazing tail, as has Ember! =)

Ember's red coat is a colour mutation, and drool over the thought of what his pups would turn out like. His eyes are straight from his mother, which is also a mutation, as both Rogue's parents have blue eyes. All in all, he's a pretty special pup.

Ember's parents were real proud of him, though they often worried over his playful antics! It'd often take minutes to put him and his mother away, as he wouldn't stand still for long enough for her to pick him up. He loved playing with the tinkle ball (yes, I know, the catz toy, but he grew up in kennel with about 30 catz, it was hard not to leave their toys around!) He also loved playing with the blue thing on top of the cat teaser. Somehow, on my computer, the top bit came off, and it now sits around, like most of the other balls. Ember loved to push this, and the tinkle ball around with his head, then sit thoughtfully and watch them roll to a stop. As an infant he was pretty quiet. But then he grew up a bit, and that all changed...

Basically, he was a pup that... JUST COULDN'T STAY STILL!


Ember loved to run everywhere, and play with everything. He chased mice around the backyard, rolled balls around the family room and almost always had a frisbee in his mouth. He loved to dig in the flower bed, and often chewed on bones. He also terrorised more than a few kittenz that were brave enough to bring themselves out of the petz door when he was around, but a few pats and treats later and no harm was done. =) I don't think I've ever met such an hyperactive pup, and I've dealt with Wolves for quite a whiles now... Ember was always up to something.


Becuase he was so active it was very hard to get a decent show pic out of him. I tried, and failed, many a time. This is the best that I could get out of him. It might not get you a BIS (his front feet are a little wonky, but I think it's part of his heritage, the Malamutes have pretty huge feet, and it's all but impossible to get a pic with the feet perfectly aligned) but it's not that shabby either. To save it, simply right click on the image and select 'Save As...' If Ember places in a show, email me, and you might get a little something... =)

Just when Ember grew up, and I thought all the insanity was over, I realised something. Now that Ember was grown...


HE STILL COULDN'T KEEP STILL! And now he was a very big dogz. He'd do things like stand in the flower bed and wag his tail, and knock all the seed boxes off the fence. Or walk past the snowman in the snowscene and all the pieces of coal would be brushed off and scattered across the ground. He still loved digging holes, and playing with the frisbee, but his catching skills hadn't gotten much better. He was, however, even more of a cutie now than before, and there was no way I could ever be annoyed at him for long. Just look into those eyes. His tricks were getting better, and while all he wanted to do was eat those treats, he is pretty good at camera tricks, and I found out when I was trying to get a show pose out of him.

With maturity (and a lot of practice) Ember's show posing improved a great deal, as you can see below. As far as I'm concerned this pic is pretty much faltless. Same deal applies to this pic as it does to the previous one. =)

Now... finally... after all that... would you like the meet the Big Guy? Ofcourse you do, that's why you adopted him! =) There's only one rule... have fun.

Play with Ember
(remember to have the Petz Player installed!)